Topic outline

  • Smarter Learning for Self-Directed Support

    26 February 2015, Edinburgh

    Smarter learning is about how and where people learn; how they can connect with each other and share knowledge and learning; how we can make learning more personal. Smarter learning is not just about technology, it’s about starting effective learning conversations, like having the confidence to say ‘help me out here…what is it that I need to learn or do better?’

    Self-Directed Support requires a significant culture change. We’ve all got a role to play in that and smarter learning can help us change old habits.

    The event was organised and hosted by the Scottish Social Services Council and the SDS Workforce Project Board.

  • Help promote the event by ‘Social reporting’

    We need the help of attendees to capture what happens on the day and share it on social media. All you need to participate in social reporting is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

  • Case studies and Lightbulb moments

  • Earn an Open Badge

    Open Badges are digital certificates recognising learning and achievement. You can earn Open Badges for attending this event, writing about it on social media and by showing how you will learn from the materials that come out of the event.