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  • Health and safety

    This resource is a useful starting place if you have just started a new job or are new to social services. It links to the themes of the core units of the Scottish Vocational Qualifications in Health and Social Care. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide and it is not intended to replace your employers' guides and procedures.

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      Health and safety Open Badge

      An Open Badge is available to anybody working in social services who has used our Health and safety app. Open Badges are digital certificates recognising learning and achievement.

      To obtain the badge, you need to provide two written statements, of about 100 words each, about how using the app helped develop your learning and how you have or intend to put your learning into practice.

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      Do you want to create your own learning materials based on this app? To help you do this, we’ve packaged all of the text into a Microsoft Word/Open document file and licenced it under Creative Commons, making it easier for you to reuse and adapt the material.

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