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    SCQF LogoSCQF/Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) supports and enables lifelong learning for the whole population of Scotland. The framework adds value to the quality of training and education by assisting learners and employers to understand how qualifications relate to each other and by helping learners to transfer credit from programme to programme, to achieve credit for learning gained informally or in the workplace and to gain recognition for knowledge and skills they already have.
    The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process recognises learning which has not been previously assessed or credit rated, as well as knowledge and skills that can be transferred from one learning situation to another. This includes knowledge and skills gained outside formal learning situations through life and work experiences. The SCQF can support the process of recognising prior learning (RPL) through personal/career development for credit, or recognition towards gaining a qualification.
    The RPL profiling tools support learners in identifying the extent to which they have achieved the elements of the core units through their life, work and learning experiences. It aims to help learners recognise the ways in which they have applied, and built on, the skills and knowledge they have gained through these experiences to their current social care practice. The process is designed to support learners in their achievement of a qualification.

    To use the tools provided, you should follow the process below for each of the qualifications listed. More detailed guidance is provided with each of the qualifications.

    1. Read through the worked examples to give you an idea of the process. You will see that the worker has reflected on previous life, work and/or learning experiences and is able to apply the results of his/her learning to an assessed piece of practice for their qualification e.g. Scottish Vocational Qualification(SVQ).

    2. Once you have looked at the examples, you should proceed with examples of your own, using the pro forma provided to complete 2 reflective exercises. This will give you practice in reflecting upon and applying your learning

    3. You should then complete the written evidence gathering form for your SVQ or other qualification, where you apply your previous learning / experience to your current assessed practice.
    You can access the tools, by award type, from the links below