Topic outline

  • Equal Partners in Care (EPiC)

    There are an estimated 760,000 carers in Scotland. The Equal Partners in Care (EPiC) national framework supports the health and social care workforce to be more aware of carers and to work in partnership with them. Workers in housing, education and other sectors can also use the framework.

    These modules cover the knowledge and skills for levels one to three of the EPiC core principles for working with carers and young carers.

    • Level one – Carer Aware

      Whatever your job, you are likely to come into contact with people who have a caring role. Becoming more aware of carers will help you make sure they have the information and support they need at the right time.

    • Level two – Caring Together

      This will help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to work collaboratively with carers. You will learn how to build relationships and focus on what matters to people.

    • Level three – Caring Counts in the Workplace

      A free Open University self-reflection and planning course for carers. It can also be used by policy makers, employers, managers and workers to improve their understanding of carers.